Willie Hetrick

Willie Hetrick serves on the Bill Rudge Ministries Board of Directors and is a prayer intercessor for BRM. She and her husband, Dick, have been faithful supporters of BRM. They both have humble hearts for the Lord and are always willing to serve in any capacity.

Willie and Dick sometimes go with Bill or BJ on speaking engagements and run the ministry display table. Willie helps with the "Change the World with your Change" for our World Literature Outreach packages. Dick has helped setting up and tearing down for school assemblies.  We are so grateful to have Willie (and Dick) as part of our ministry team.

In Willie’s words:

Having met Bill and Karen and hearing Bill speak a number of times over the years, I was convinced that Bill Rudge Ministries was blessed and anointed by God and was having a global impact for the Kingdom of God. 

Prayer Ministry / Literature Table