William Reese

"My name is William Reese ... Bill for short. I am the publications coordinator for the Bill Rudge Ministries and have been since 2001. I am responsible for the newsletter, have been a vertebra in the backbone of multiple projects such as Bill's and BJ's books and E-books, and work on various media projects. 

I have my masters degree in Mass Media Arts Journalism and Communications Studies with an emphasis on media prodiction and design. 

They say God will not only give you what you can handle, but also what you need. When I got a call from Penn State that fated day, June 5, 2001, I found myself with my first professional design job offer in the Hermitage area. I pulled up to the ministry building to meet Bill Rudge for the first time. He sized me up, and offered me the design job on a trial basis.  

I accepted, and am still here. Now, that thing I said earlier about God not only giving you what you can handle, but what you need.  At the time Bill and I met, he had been praying for a designer that would meet his needs. I also got what I needed -- a nice boss, and some very nice and intelligent people to work with. I greatly enjoy my time and my work at the ministry."

Bill Reese has been a great blessing to the ministry in numerous ways as he faithfully worked on many ministry projects both at the ministry center and from his home.

Publications Coordinator