Tabitha Smith

Tabitha Smith, daughter of Bill and Karen Rudge, served as receptionist at the ministry center before she moved to San Diego and eventually married Clayton Smith. Tabitha and Clay’s garage was renovated and used as an office for Bill and Karen while ministering in California. Their home was also available for various ministry activities.

Tabitha and Clay now live in Pennsylvania where they continue to support the ministry faithfully. Tabitha is the prayer ministry coordinator and uses the prayer room at the ministry center frequently to pray for all the requests sent in and writes the Dear Tabby column for children.

Tabitha and Clay have written various articles for the newsletter and have helped proofread several of Bill’s new books. They have both gone on mission trips with Bill.

Tabitha and Clay’s Storybook Romance was shared on The 700 Club and is also included in Bill’s book, Overcoming Sexual Immorality. They have five precious children who are frequent visitors at the ministry center. Tabitha has always been Bill and Karen’s favorite daughter, and now Clayton is their favorite son-in-law.

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