Ruthann Dunder

Mike Dunder (of Mike Dunder Construction Company) volunteered to help with the construction of our first ministry center back in 1981. A few years later he volunteered a year of his life to head up the construction of a large addition and gymnasium. Since then, Mike has been involved in every building project at the ministry.

Mike's wife, Ruthann, has trained our staff on computer operations, helps with computer input, and is part of the prayer ministry.

Through involvement in our many building projects and helping at various ministry outreaches, Mike has witnessed several miracles which are recorded in Bill's books Overcoming the Giants in Your Life and The Impossible. Mike is the kind of guy that tells it like it is, so having him as an eyewitness and a faithful supporter says a lot.

If everyone was as sensitive and obedient to the Lord as Mike and Ruthann, this ministry would never lack anything. An example follows. It was about noon on a Tuesday. Bill Rudge was in his office in a meeting when Karen knocked on the door. She quietly informed Bill that not enough money came in the mail to pay all the bills so they could close out the books for last month. Bill told her that somehow the Lord would provide and then returned to his meeting.

Shortly thereafter as Bill was walking out of his office following his meeting he saw Ruthann Dunder walk into the ministry. She had an envelope containing a donation from her husband. Mike told Ruthann that the Lord spoke to his heart to get this money to the ministry right away so she special delivered it. The timing was perfect and enabled us to pay all the bills that had to be paid. This has happened with Mike several times before (and also by several other ministry friends) throughout the years. God is always faithful and speaks to the hearts of those who listen and obey.

Mike and Ruthann have sacrificed their time, talents, and resources to help this ministry in many ways. For their more than 30 years of volunteer service and friendship we are eternally grateful.

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