Randy and a Broken Down Car

by Rosemary Lozier

You never know whom you might meet. This was evident one day as my brother, Randy, was on his way back from the grocery store. His car broke down and was sitting partway out onto the busy North Buhl Farm Drive. Just as he was wondering what to do next, along came Bill Rudge. Bill asked him if he could use a hand and together they managed to get the car off the road as Bill pushed and Randy steered.

After Randy thanked him, Bill said to him, "Many people have helped me in my lifetime and so the Lord often provides me the opportunity to give back." Randy then looked at Bill and asked, "Who are you?" As Bill told him who he was, they both realized they had met before. Randy informed Bill he was my (Rosemary's) brother.

This was no chance encounter. If we allow God to use us, He uses every opportunity in our lives to reach souls for Christ. I am glad Bill came along that day to help my brother. Maybe God will use you today to help someone in need.