Navy Seal Encounter

While conversing with a yoga instructor at a San Diego YMCA, a man who has been training Navy Seals for the past year and a half overheard us. He joined our conversation about worldviews. After listening to his philosophical viewpoints, I told him that I had rejected church and Christianity as weak and boring and no longer an option in my search for meaning and purpose. He was elated. However, I continued by saying, "After trying everything imaginable, the only non-option — Jesus Christ and Christianity — became my only option." I then shared some of the evidence I discovered, such as the complexity of the universe and how our DNA gives validity to a Creator.

I told him that, "Like a private in the Marine Corps, I do not tell the General what I believe or want; I learn what he requires and submit. Likewise, I do not determine my own path and expect God to accept it. I strive to know Him and submit to what He requires." With his eyes locked on mine he nodded his head to affirm that what I said made sense. Right then our conversation was terminated because several people entered the room and began to meditate. So I trust that the Holy Spirit will use someone else to bring this man to the Lord.