Expect the Unexpected

by Jim Weikal

I arrived at church on a cloudy spring morning and saw a parked van in the church lot. Nothing unusual in this, but I couldn’t see through the darkly tinted window and decided that no one was there. As I got out of my car and walked back toward the trunk, a pleasant looking young woman exited the stationary vehicle and walked purposefully across the blacktop towards me.

She identified herself, and we began to talk. As I usually do on these occasions, I turned the discussion to spiritual matters. She was not raised in the church and had little understanding of salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection.

As I’ve learned over the years, Christians can assume that everybody understands terms like “saved,” “repent,” “sin,” “savior” when not everybody does. So I did my best to define these terms and use common illustrations that could be easily understood. She was tearfully moved by what I shared, and said she was looking for the peace that I had described. I invited her to come to church. She gave me a hug, and then returned to her car.

I went into the church and got Bill’s book, Who Is This Jesus?, gave it to her and then prayed. I really like this book as a follow up to witnessing encounters. Since Christ is the center of a salvation explanation, Who Is This Jesus? presents a straight-forward picture of Jesus that is understandable to an unchurched person. This easily carried book has a chapter titled “How You Can Know Him” which adds extra clout to what you have already shared.

I keep some copies on hand at church and in my car so I have them near for those “expected-the-unexpected” times when God works through you to shine the light of His good news...news that can change a person’s life for eternity.