Assistant Museum Curator

During a flight, I was sitting beside the assistant curator of a large museum. He saw me eating something nutritious so he asked if I was into health food. He was interested in health and nutrition so we talked about that for a while. Then I began to mention some of the many amazing ancient health laws of the Bible. He was fascinated. I expanded the conversation by saying that being a museum curator he was obviously knowledgeable of history, archaeology, and science to which he agreed. I continued, "There is nothing in Scripture that is contradicted by any historical, archaeological, or scientific fact. He responded, "I have to admit that the Bible is very accurate." I shared some of the historical, archaeological, scientific, and prophetic evidence of the Bible. He listened intently and acknowledged the accuracy of the Scriptures.

I also told him that many atheists and agnostics I know who have converted to Christianity admitted it was not the evidence which caused them to reject the Creator and the Bible, but their bias and lifestyle which went contrary to Biblical revelation. It is usually because of some sin, such as immorality, which they do not want to give up. I then asked him, "Have you rejected the faith of your grandmother (whose funeral he was going to) because of some compromise in your life?" He put his head down as he admitted that he was living with his girlfriend. I encouraged him to consider giving his life to the Creator who loved him so much that He shed His blood on the cross that we might receive forgiveness. He gave me his business card and told me to come and see him and he would get me into any of the museums that I wanted to visit.