House Provides a Van

In February, 1992 the ministry’s 1986 vehicle was rapidly heading for retirement. It seemed impossible to raise the necessary funds (since we do not pay interest) to purchase a mini-van, but the Lord encouraged us to trust Him and to persevere.

As the months went by, numerous individuals and churches generously donated over $4,000 — but that was still far from being enough. Many people said, "Are you ever going to get your van?" Bill assured them the Lord would soon provide all the necessary finances to purchase a much needed ministry van.

In September of 1992 Kenneth and Janet Fisher donated a house and two acres of land for us to sell and use the funds to help purchase the van. Kenneth had lived in this house until three years earlier when he married Janet and moved in with her.

Kenneth said that he didn’t know what to do with the house and property. He said he woke up in the middle of the night as he contemplated what he should do with his house and two acres of land. He said the Lord spoke to his heart to give it to the Bill Rudge Ministries.

In June of 1993, we sold the house for $14,000. With the income from donations received from individuals and churches (over $4,000) and proceeds from the sale of the house, we were ready to begin looking for a ministry van.

Eilene Urmson told Tom Brest, who was service manager at the time at Austintown Dodge to call me. I told him how we had been raising funds for almost a year and a half and even had a house donated to us. He had Chuck Eddy, the owner of Austintown Dodge call me so I shared our circumstances with him. A few days later Chuck called back and said, "I have the van I think you want!"

It was a 1993 Dodge Caravan used as a corporate vehicle with only 10,000 miles on it. The sticker price was $25,000 and he said he would give it to us for $20,000. I said that was still too much since we had only raised a total of $19,000. So he said he would give me $1,000 for my personal 1982 Oldsmobile as a trade-in.

I prayed about it for three days and talked to my Board members. We all agreed to get this vehicle. This mini-van the Lord provided far exceeded what Karen and I had ever hoped for or thought about. We were initially looking to get a used mini-van, but the Lord had other plans. Chuck Eddy was right when he said, "Purchasing this van is an excellent stewardship of the Lord’s money."

The Lord is faithful! He had spoken to numerous people to give various amounts — some large, some small, but all appreciated. He also spoke to Kenneth Fisher to donate a house to be sold to help purchase the van.