By Bill and BJ Rudge

Champions are not always the ones who win. True champions and real winners are the ones who give their best in whatever competition or situation they are in.

Instead of merely comparing yourself to others to see if you are better than they are, compare yourself to yourself and to the Lord’s standards, to evaluate your progress in being the best you can be.

Instead of focusing on winning championships or building large congregations, a coach or pastor’s top priority should be in helping to make each team or church member into a champion!

Characteristics of True Champions

• Play fair

• Give 100% all the time

• Never give up – NEVER

• Have a good attitude

• Are team players – not out for him / herself

• Encourage others

• Do not complain, make excuses or play the blame game

• Overcome frustration by being the best he / she can be

• Lose like a good sport

• Win or lose, if they have played to their maximum potential, they are still winners

The above principles should be applied to every believer’s walk with Jesus now and until He comes!