What's The Magical Word?

The following is excerpted from Israel My Glory magazine - "The Preservation of the Jewish People" article by William C. Varner - May/June 2002)  

No nation in the history of the world ever has been exiled from its land, lost its national existence and language, then returned as a people to that identical homeland and even revivified its ancient tongue. No nation, that is, except one - the nation of Israel.

The Lord God declared through His prophet that Israel will never cease from being a nation (Jer.31:36), and He has kept that promise by preserving His Chosen People through all their dark nights of suffering. Apart from God, no other explanation exists.

The great Prussian Emperor Frederick often would test his chaplain with theological questions. Frederick, however, said he did not have time for long answers and explanations. He wanted simple answers that he could comprehend quickly. One day he asked his chaplain if he could provide simple and succinct evidence for the truth of the Bible. Frederick asked if the chaplain could provide the evidence in just one word. The wise chaplain responded that he could do just that.

"What is this magical word?" Frederick asked. The chaplain replied, "Israel, your majesty. The people of Israel."

It would be difficult indeed for anyone to offer better proof for the accuracy and divine authenticity of God's Word. Israel has survived and will continue to survive because God Almighty has willed it.