It Takes Faith - Lecture at Military Base

by Bill Rudge

During my lectures on "World Religions and Cultural Experiences Around the World" at an American military high school in Germany, I asked the students how many thought it took faith to believe in God but believed evolution was a fact?

Some of the students raised their hands. I then asked those students if they were there when the "Big Bang" happened. They got the point.

Just as it takes faith to believe in a Creator, it takes faith to believe in evolution. However, after a lifetime of research, I am convinced it takes more faith to believe in evolution because the evidence overwhelmingly proves a Creator.

My faith in the Creator is very reasonable since not one scientific fact has refuted His existence. Although some scientists suppress or deny the truth, numerous scientists –– both throughout history and today –– confirm the reality of the God of the Bible, as does my life experiences.

After giving an overview of many of the world's major religions and philosophies, I concluded by stating to the students, "I have gained great insight from my research and have respect for those of different beliefs, but my search has led me to conclude that there is only One to whom I will bow my knee and trust my eternal destiny."

Of course, they wanted to know who that One was, so I told them –– Jesus Christ.

Those lectures touched the lives of many students as indicated in the e-mails received (which we shared in some of our newsletters).