Why I Believe the Bible

by Bill Rudge

The reason I believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ includes, but is not limited to: remarkable historical accuracy, amazing archaeological discoveries, fantastic scientific verification, incredible health and nutritional insight, astonishing prophetic evidence (concerning both Messiah's first and second comings), undeniable evidence for the resurrection, eyewitness testimony of those who faced persecution and martyrdom for refusing to recant their claim of the resurrection, philosophical integrity, genuinely answers life's questions of who we are, where we came from, where we are going, as well as solves the dilemmas of evil, sin, suffering, aging, and death.

The truth and veracity of Scripture and the One who inspired it have set multitudes free, changed the course of nations, and transformed the lives of countless people throughout history. The miraculous interventions I myself have witnessed and documented also stand as a powerful witness for the reality of the God of the Bible.

Also consider, the hope, peace, and joy that comes from knowing in a personal and real way the God revealed in Scripture. Only He can truly satisfy a searching heart as we await the day of our complete redemption and the creation being restored to its intended glory.

To be totally honest, it would take more faith for me not to believe. I would have to be completely biased, weak, and foolish to deny Him and His Word. Surrendering my life to Him has been the wisest and strongest decision I ever made.