Reasons Some Believe

The following is excerpted from Bill Rudge's book, Who Is This Jesus?.

Our body is especially designed by the most intelligent Designer, whom we call our Creator. We ought to acknowledge our indebtedness to Him for our existence in praises as the psalmist did. Unfortunately, many people, particularly those blinded by evolution, do not give credit to the Creator but to Nature for the wonderful way we have been designed.

The creationist acknowledges that he is designed by God, and is under His care and protection. His relationship with the Creator does not end with this life, but continues through eternity.

A man once said to me, "Bill, you are the most committed person I know. You have such strong faith that you would probably give your life for Jesus Christ." I replied, "I am so convinced that Jesus Christ is who He claims to be that I could never deny Him." He asked me why I was so confidently committed. I explained that there are many ways in which a person comes to believe in and adhere to a religious or a philosophical belief system.

Some are forced to accept certain beliefs or else be persecuted or martyred. Many are raised in families or live in countries where they will be disowned, treated harshly, or even put to death if they do not adhere to the commonly accepted belief system. Some, who are born and raised in a particular religious system, accept what they are taught and what everyone else believes. They do not have valid reasons for their beliefs; they simply accept what their culture has taught them.

Others are open to religious experiences as a result of a particular crisis––a divorce, loss of a job or loved one, or other situations which make them emotionally vulnerable. They come in contact with an individual or group who befriends them and offers emotional support, or they have a spiritual experience which causes them to join that group and adhere to its beliefs.

I became a believer in Jesus Christ for none of these reasons, but because the truth became increasingly clear as I examined the facts. In no way did I want to give my life to the Jesus of the Bible. But as I honestly searched, I could not deny the overwhelming evidence which answered my questions. I wanted to know: Is there a God? If there is a God, are there many ways to God or only one? If there is only one way to God, what is it? How do I come to know the true God?

Of all religious books, only the Bible has conclusive evidence that it is the Word of God. Of all religious leaders, only Jesus Christ presents the undeniable proof that He is who He claimed to be. I was persuaded, not because I was forced to believe by threat of death, nor because I was raised in a Christian culture. It was not out of convenience because everyone else believed this way, and it was not because I had an emotional crisis. I became a committed believer in Jesus Christ because I was convinced He is the ultimate Truth for which I had so earnestly searched.

Jeremiah 29:13 accurately states, "You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart."