Evolution in the Seventh Grade

by Bill Rudge

When I was in seventh grade I was exposed to evolution for the first time. Until then I believed what I had been taught in church, that God created all things.

Junior high was a time of insecurity –– especially being in a new school with peers from several other elementary schools and also being the youngest among seventh, eighth, and ninth graders.

My biology teacher in seventh grade had us dissect a frog. We observed live tadpoles as he explained how they evolved into frogs. He spoke with such certainty concerning humans evolving from apes, that I thought it must be true.

I continued to go to church with my family, but since I didn't really know the Lord, the inconsistency of believing in both evolution and God as Creator never occurred to me. Maybe that is part of the reason why church all of a sudden became boring and I skipped out whenever I could.

Besides, I was hanging around with some friends who were into alcohol, gambling, and sex, and needed an excuse to dump any guilt feelings about God to free my conscience to live as I wanted. I was now my own god and master of my fate –– with a "scientific" excuse to live any way I wanted. I felt I better get all the pleasure I could from this life because who really knows what lies ahead.

It would not be for many years that the smoke screen of my belief in evolution was challenged. I had to do a lot of searching, seeking, and investigation before I realized I had been sold a lie. My personal search led me to an undeniable conclusion: the evidence was overwhelming for the claims of the Bible and Jesus Christ so I surrendered my life to Him.

Since then I have met and become friends with several scientists who share a similar story of belief in evolution, then after re-examining the evidence, they came to a personal faith in Jesus Christ.