Staff and Volunteers

Bruce Adams

Bruce Adams has volunteered at the Bill Rudge Ministries for over 35 years helping with radio broadcasts, audio messages, video duplication and web site production. His focus is on putting out the highest quality product for the glory of God.

Bruce also helps with various special projects and maintenance needs. He is a humble man of God who is willing to help in any way possible. He is a great asset to the ministry. His wife, Janet, is very supportive. They have been a witness to the many miracles as this ministry has grown in obedience to God’s will.

BJ Rudge, Ph.D.

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BJ Rudge, son of Bill and Karen Rudge, has been working as an executive assistant at the ministry center since 2000. His many ministry responsibilities include speaking at churches, schools, leadership and men's conferences and special outreaches as well as biblical research, apologetics, crisis intervention, writing books, blogs and articles for the newsletters and other publications, and producing radio broadcasts and cds.