Staff and Volunteers

Mark Oss

Radio and CD Production Coordinator

Darlinda McDonald

Darlinda McDonald met Bill Rudge while working at the printing company where the Bill Rudge Ministries’ newsletter, as well as other literature, was printed.

Ginny Marsteller

Jack Marsteller became involved at the Bill Rudge Ministries in 1993 when he helped his brother-in-law, Gene Greathouse, build a garage which was later converted into offices for several staff at the ministry center. Since then Jack helped with various other projects at the ministry.

His wife, Ginny began volunteering at the ministry center in 1994. For over five years she has been coordinating the newsletter mailings. Jack and Ginny have been faithful prayer and financial supporters to the ministry.

Rosemary Lozier

Bruce and Rosemary Lozier are lifelong residents of the Shenango Valley. Over the years they have served the Lord together in various ways. Active in their local church, serving in various capacities, Bruce and Rosemary are involved in Celebrate Recovery at Bethel Life Church, Greenville and they host a weekly Bible Study in their home that Bruce leads. For several years they have brought the Good News of Jesus Christ into the Mercer County Jail, ministering to the prisoners there.

John Hogan

Dr. Gretchen Heutsche-Hogan and John Hogan.

John, a business consultant from Michigan, is responsible for sending the Bill Rudge Ministries e-newsletters each month. In addition, John and his family have found various ways to contribute to BRM such as donating a couple of cars to the ministry. Their children also have helped by donating a portion of funds they have earned.

Willie Hetrick

Willie Hetrick serves on the Bill Rudge Ministries Board of Directors and is a prayer intercessor for BRM. She and her husband, Dick, have been faithful supporters of BRM. They both have humble hearts for the Lord and are always willing to serve in any capacity.

Lois Greathouse

Two sisters, Lois Greathouse and Ginny Marsteller, have been great assets to this ministry. Their husbands, Gene and Jack, also volunteered their time and talents for many construction and maintenance projects.

Lois has faithfully worked at the Bill Rudge Ministries for over 30 years in many capacities (financial record keeper, bookkeeper, bill payer, order filler, computer operator, and more).

In Lois' words:

David Falconi

David Falconi became acquainted with the ministry when Bill Rudge’s son-in-law, Clayton, arranged for some work to be done on his van at David’s business. Bill happened to be the one who delivered the vehicle to the shop and after Dave gave him a ride back to the ministry center, Bill gave him the “grand tour.”