World Literature Outreach

World Literature Outreach from Bill Rudge on Vimeo.

Darlinda McDonald kneels on the lawn at BRM behind a globe and a large jar that one of our ministry friends had filled with change for our "Change the World with Your Change."

Over 1.7 million of Bill’s and BJ’s books, audio messages, pamphlets, tracts and other ministry resources have been provided free of charge to missionaries, pastors, chaplains, military personnel, prisoners, students, and spiritually hungry youth and adults in every state in the U.S. and over 145 countries. Thousands of letters and e-mails from across the U.S. and around the world testify how these biblical resources are impacting and enriching lives and ministries. Please keep saving your change and sponsoring World Outreach packages. God has given us a passion to reach this world for Christ – and you are helping fulfill it.

Casting Bread Upon the Waters

Last year Bill Rudge Ministries arranged shipments of over 1,000 soccer shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, balls and other sports apparel to orphanages in Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, and South America, as well as to U.S. missions. Also included were hundreds of Bill and BJ’s books, pamphlets and audio messages.

We Couldn’t Do It Without You

Bill Rudge Ministries is grateful to the Shenango Valley United Soccer Club for donating soccer shirts, shorts and balls; Sharpsville Area Schools for contributing apparel; Matt Kraynak for donating hundreds of pens; Senator Douglas Mastriano for providing ball caps; Hank and Jeannette Clinger for giving an auto harp and South Pymatuning Community Church for donating $750 to cover the expenses of distributing and shipping these items.

Delivering these materials, (equivalent to 20 large boxes weighing 50 - 100 pounds each) was a daunting task that required many people and organizations. South Pymatuning Community Church covered the cost of shipping two huge boxes to Liberia and helped with the delivery expenses to various mission organizations. (At the Karen Rudge Foundation orphanage in Liberia, the community is invited to soccer tournaments where Pastor Festus Banks and the teams use this opportunity to share the gospel by passing out these BRM materials. The children also took Bill’s personal testimony, “The Taming of Godzilla,” home to their parents.)

Bill and Karen Rudge and their granddaughter, Caeleana, drove 17 hours (through rain, fog, snow and darkness) in one day to deliver a full load to Equipping the Saints in Virginia for shipment to orphanages in Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and/or Argentina. A few days later Bill and Karen delivered a large box to Lancaster, PA to Elage and Betty Estime for their Haiti orphanages. (Elage and BJ’s friendship began years ago as teenagers when BJ went on a mission trip to Haiti. Elage has never forgotten the many ways BJ helped him as they spent time together doing ministry and playing soccer. ) Photo at right: Carson Smith weighs a box to be shipped.

BRM volunteer Willie Hetrick and her sister Marty are carrying uniforms and books and audio messages by Bill and BJ to an orphanage they established in Uganda. Amiee Matthews, and others from New Life Baptist Church who are going on a mission trip to Kenya, are carrying sports apparel and Bill and BJ’s books in their suitcases to Building of Hope in Kenya. The books from Bill Rudge Ministries are intended to establish Lending Libraries.

Many others helped to make these shipments possible including Bruce Adams, Enterprise rent-a-car, Carla Hawthorne, Ann Ore, Ruth Ischo, Darlinda McDonald, Anneka, BJ, Lucas and Moriah Rudge, Brandon Santana, Caeleana, Carson and Tabitha Smith, and Mark Vance. Many hours were spent sorting, folding and packaging these items to prepare them for shipment. We couldn’t have done it without you! Please join us in prayer that all these materials make it to the intended destinations and that the enclosed books, pamphlets, tracts and audio messages touch many lives for Christ.

Below Photos (left to right:) Ann Ore processes soccer and sports apparel at BRM for orphanages in Liberia, Kenya, Uganda and Haiti. Bruce Adams prepares audio messages for U.S. and overseas. Anneka and Moriah Rudge pack huge boxes for the Karen Rudge Foundation orphanage in Liberia.

Elage Remembers

The following is only one story showing the powerful impact a BRM Mission Team can have on the people they serve:

“My name is Elage Estime. Do you ever wonder about the long term impact of short term mission teams? What happens when the team returns home? Allow me to tell you a bit of my story.

“As a young child in Haiti, I spent a lot of time with missionaries. Mission Possible hosted many mission teams and Bill Rudge Ministries was one of those teams. This team was so important to me. They were a good model of what a missionary is. I remember the way they served and witnessed in the community. Even the local voodoo priest was converted.

“I watched how they sacrificed, even giving some of the clothes they were wearing to the locals. I will never forget the times Karen slipped money into my pocket when we were praying. Their son, BJ, was my good friend. They offered themselves in so many ways. The seeds they sowed changed my life.

“After attending a mission school, I married my wife, Betty Metzler. We have a mission serving two Haitian communities. The tools I learned through mission teams as a youth, continue to impact Haiti. Our ministry is focused on teaching children Bible stories, music and life skills. We also host clinic teams and do prison ministry. We plant the seeds, yet God determines the increase. Thanks again, Rudges, for the way you impacted my life.”

Love Packages


(far left photo)  Pastor Nathaniel Yusuff, Nigeria, holds one of the 100 "Fasting for Sensitivity and Power" books by Bill Rudge that he requested for his Pastors' Conference.

(photo on right) Floy Moreira (former director of the Shenango Valley Senior Center which purchased the Bill Rudge Ministries’ Center in 2001) delivers a baby bottle filled with change for our World Literature Outreach.


While Bill and Karen Rudge and Dave and Barb Wagner were delivering loads of Bibles, books, CDs and other biblical resources to Equipping the Saints and Hands For Christ for global distribution, many of our ministry friends were delivering change to BRM or donating Bibles, books, CDs and DVDs for future outreaches. Still others were sponsoring packages.

Our “Change the World With Your Change” campaign helps fund our World Literature Outreach which provides our biblical resources to thousands of pastors, missionaries, Christian leaders and searching people in 141 countries.

Norm and Sue Simmons took a load of our biblical materials to Love Packages in Illinois and Bill and Karen took another load to Christian Resources International in Michigan. These are some of the organizations we partner with who ship our books and audio messages to mission fields around the world. Thanks to all who help in any way with this vital aspect which enables us to respond to the cries of the spiritually hungry.


(Photo on left) BJ (left) and Carson load the ministry's Dodge Journey with books, audio messages, devotional books. Bibles and other biblical resources for Bill and Karen's journey to Equipping the Saints in Virginia. (Center photo) Dave Wagner prepares to leave BRM with a load of books and audio messages for Hands for Christ in Virginia. (Photo far right) At the Karen Rudge Foundation in Liberia, the youth celebrate the receipt of clothes and tracts, then distributed requested copies of Bill Rudge's testimony at a soccer tournament and to the surrounding community.