Total Health and Fitness

Bill’s youthful interest and experience in exercise and nutrition resulted in over 50 years of instruction in health and fitness. As well as training many individuals, he taught exercise classes at a Bible college, YMCA, churches, camps, Jesus ‘84, National Senior Health & Fitness Day, and other venues in the U.S. and overseas. He also continues giving lectures and writing on biblical principles of health and fitness.

Often alongside Bill’s total fitness and self-defense classes, Karen led aerobics for women and teen girls in another section of the ministry center. Through the witness in these classes, many came to know the ultimate answer for total health and fitness.

Bill has devised a variety of workout routines, developed a unique style of self-defense training, initiated a specialized form of trampoline basketball, designed innovative obstacle courses, invented recreational games (published in youth magazines), created fasting regimens, and authored several articles and books on these topics.