Self Defense

Street Survival Strategies

Bill Rudge’s purpose for teaching street survival strategies and self-defense clinics is to keep young people and adults alive and safe. His expertise comes from his training in martial arts as well as the skills learned growing up in the streets. Bill teaches students how to avoid getting date raped, being victimized, and how to deal with potentially dangerous situations. Using student volunteers to role play different scenarios, Bill gives demonstrations of what to do and not to do when being confronted using various blocks, kicks, strikes and throws.

To emphasize the importance of learning self-defense, Bill shares true life situations that illustrate what can happen when we are not prepared. These illustrations are given to discourage them from making foolish or self-destructive choices and getting victimized. He also shares personal accounts of dangerous situations he has been in that were beyond the capacity for defense but where Divine protection was provided.

Physical Education Teacher’s Response

“The middle school students loved the self-defense class and the demonstrations by Bill Rudge. I heard nothing but wonderful things about how interesting it was, how important and useful the information presented was, and how they feel safer knowing how to defend themselves. During the presentation, the students were able to ask questions, participate and practice moves for self-defense, re-enact situations, and listen to heroic stories. They were talking about it all day and just said how cool it was to learn that information — something no one has ever taught them. I am very grateful that Bill shared his knowledge with my students. I feel confident they will be better prepared for any challenges they may encounter in the future. Thanks Bill! We would love to have you back when you have the time in your schedule."

J.K., Physical Education Teacher, Sharpsville Middle School