Change The World With Your Change

World Literature Outreach

World Literature Outreach from Bill Rudge on Vimeo.

God has given us a passion to reach this world for Christ – and you are helping fulfill it.

(at top right) Darlinda McDonald kneels on the lawn at BRM behind a globe and a large jar that one of our ministry friends had filled with change.

Over 1.5 million of Bill’s and BJ’s books, audio messages, pamphlets and other ministry resources have been provided free of charge to missionaries, pastors, chaplains, military personnel, prisoners, students, and spiritually hungry youth and adults in every state in the U.S. and over 135 countries through our World Literature Outreach.

An ever growing number of lending libraries – often on mission fields, behind prison walls, on military bases, and in churches, ministries, camps, orphanages, schools, colleges and seminaries – use our materials to share the Gospel, encourage believers in their walk with the Lord, and train and equip Christian leaders.

Thousands of letters and e-mails from across the U.S. and around the world testify how these biblical resources are impacting and enriching lives and ministries for Jesus Christ.

As well as responding to specific requests for Bill’s and BJ’s books and audio messages, we partner with several international mission organizations who ship large quantities of our biblical resources in sea containers free of charge to mission fields worldwide.

We are truly grateful to each person who has responded and will respond to our “Change the World with Your Change” and “Sponsor a World Outreach Package” campaigns.

Your donations help cover the cost of postage for these items which are free to the recipients. Your kindness and generosity has been truly amazing and greatly appreciated as we have received donations in jars, cups, bottles, cans, boxes, envelopes, bags, baskets and a variety of other containers.

Please keep saving your change or consider sponsoring a World Outreach package. We also need help producing more of our books and translating them into other languages. The requests never cease so thanks for helping with this vital aspect of our multifaceted ministry.