Lois Greathouse

Two sisters, Lois Greathouse and Ginny Marsteller, have been great assets to this ministry. Their husbands, Gene and Jack, also volunteered their time and talents for many construction and maintenance projects.

Lois has faithfully worked at the Bill Rudge Ministries for over 30 years in many capacities (financial record keeper, bookkeeper, bill payer, order filler, computer operator, and more).

In Lois' words:

More than 30 years ago Bill Rudge spoke at Countryside Church. Gene and I were impressed when we heard him speak. Our son, Gary, decided to check into doing some drywall for the ministry. This led to my husband, Gene, thinking maybe he could use his carpentry talent to do something also. Rather than sit home alone the evening Gene was going down to work, I called to see if I could do some office work. Of course, no one ever asks Bill that without being put to use somehow. I took my electronic typewriter with me that night and I have been volunteering - as Bill says, "Till death do us part!" - ever since.

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