Karen Rudge

Since Karen married Bill when she was 17, she has followed him virtually everywhere he has gone (Bible College in Ohio, Youth Pastor in North Carolina, hundreds of trips across the country and around the world – except a few of the extremely dangerous mission trips). She has worked side by side with him in the daily operations of this ministry since they started it 42 years ago.

Karen is involved in virtually every aspect of the ministry: correspondence, prayer, notes of encouragement and thanks; e-mails, tweets, proofreading, ordering supplies and equipment; coordinating vehicle rentals and air travel, keeping Bill abreast of the news and current events (his secretary at times); prepares packages and boxes for mailing our books and audio messages, makes snacks for the staff and guests, writes articles, hosts staff, board and ministry events; cleans, does the ministry and personal finances and pays all the bills! She saves the ministry thousands of dollars every year by getting the lowest prices and catching double billing or overcharges, and on and on. We are blessed in having many staff who assist her in many ways, but nevertheless, her responsibilities are many.  

For all Karen’s services to this ministry, she receives no pay, but her rewards will be great in Heaven. She is a true helpmate who has been instrumental in making this ministry so effective.

Communications Coordinator