Dr. Joseph Hopkins

Dr. Joseph Hopkins is a retired professor at Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pa. He met Bill Rudge through a local "Jesus People" ministry known as the Mercer Barn. When the Bill Rudge Ministries came into being, because of Dr. Hopkins' interest in researching the cults, he was asked to be on the Board of Reference. He was doing a lot of lecturing and writing on the cults and was an excellent resource person for the ministry in that area.

Dr. Hopkins enjoyed attending meetings at the ministry center and viewing multi-media presentations of ministry activities. Because of Bill Rudge's dramatic testimony, Dr. Hopkins contacted the Pacific Garden Mission who dramatized Bill's story for their radio show "Unshackled." As the ministry grew from a local outreach into a worldwide outreach, Dr. Hopkins and his wife continued to support it.  

In Dr. Hopkin's words: 

"The newsletter, Bill's travels, radio, and internet have had a remarkable impact for Christ around the world as the Lord opened up opportunities for him to share his message with the military, churches in foreign lands and so on. We started supporting at the very beginning of the ministry and are glad to continue our support."

The Bill Rudge Ministries is truly blessed to have Dr. Hopkins serve on our Board of Reference. He is a man of true integrity and has always been an asset to the ministry. He is loved and respected by Bill and Karen and all who know him.

Professor Emeritus, Westminster College