David Falconi

David Falconi became acquainted with the ministry when Bill Rudge’s son-in-law, Clayton, arranged for some work to be done on his van at David’s business. Bill happened to be the one who delivered the vehicle to the shop and after Dave gave him a ride back to the ministry center, Bill gave him the “grand tour.”

Wanting to serve the Lord in some type of ministry, David recognized Bill Rudge Ministries as the place he could lend assistance and volunteer his talents.  Since David’s area of expertise is with electronics, he has volunteered his time and talents and donated much equipment for our audio and video ministry.

David and his wife, Karen Lee, who Bill had the honor of uniting in marriage, have helped the ministry with several projects as well as with their prayers and financial support. Karen Lee has contributed occasional artwork for the newsletter.

In David’s words:

“Everybody involved with the ministry seems so genuine and devoted to the Lord. That’s what I have been looking for.”

Media Equipment