Art Blystone

Art and Teenie Blystone have been volunteering their time and talents for several years at the Bill Rudge Ministries. They plant flowers, trim bushes and trees and do so much more to keep the ministry center looking great. Art serves on the Board of Directors. They sometimes go with Bill or BJ on speaking engagements to run the ministry display and book tables. Art and Teenie traveled with Bill and Karen during the Holy Land Adventure to Israel, and are praying about traveling with Bill and Karen on the Around the World 3 in a few years. They have been a blessing to Bill and Karen and the ministry in numerous ways.

In Teenie’s Words:

Because Bill Rudge had been able to minister overseas so many times, he told us what to expect and what to do and not do concerning our first mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Bill was encouraging – praying for spiritual and physical strength, getting us on the right vitamins, encouraging us to go onwards in spite of any doubts and fears. Working with the Bill Rudge Ministries, one learns to be willing, ready and able to help wherever and whenever. When we volunteer, we feel it is such a blessing to know that we are helping some way with the ministry. I feel closer to the Lord when I’m working there.

Grounds Care / Literature Table