What you will find on your shirt!

These popular shirts have reached across the U.S. and around the world. Many people use them to share their faith in Christ. The captivating design uses eight different colors of paint (not an iron-on decal) on top quality white T-shirts and sweatshirts! Ideal for adults and teenagers! Makes great gifts!

Powerful Witnessing Tool! A captivating T-shirt is a good conversation starter. Reach out to people with its Christ-centered symbolism. The bright colors attract attention and provide you with opportunity to share your faith! When people comment on your shirt –– and you should receive many positive comments –– tell them about the symbolism and share your testimony with them. If you don’t have time, give them a WITNESS CARD (five come with your shirt. More can be ordered for 50¢ per dozen). You may put your name and number on the back of the card so they can contact you to talk again.

How did it come about? Bill Rudge wanted to find a way to reach those in the New Age movement and related groups. The shirt’s design gives the wearer an opportunity to witness. Bill knew he needed a bold, striking design which was filled with Christ-centered symbolism. At a staff meeting, he spoke of his vision to reach those in the New Age movement through an innovative T-shirt design. Michael Hunter was at that meeting and God gave him a clear picture of the design. Michael quickly reached this final version. Our prayer is that you use this shirt as it has been designed, to reach people with the true, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ

These shirts are filled with exciting Biblical symbolism.

  • Darkness symbolizes our sin and hopelessness without Christ (Acts 26:18).
  • The sun (read “son”) is the Light of the world (John 1:4 & John 8:12).
  • The cross (1Cor. 1:18) is found: 1) In the center of the sun; 2) In the side of the background mountain to the left of the 2 fish & 5 loaves (this cross shows the nail holes); and 3) In the hook of the J of JESUS’ name.
  • The Rock of Salvation (1Cor. 10:4 & Psalm 95:1) is represented by the rocks that form the letters J and U in JESUS’ name.
  • The Bread of Life (John 6:35) is represented by the wheat which forms the letter E in JESUS’ name.
  • The Streams of Living Water (John 7:38) are the streams of water which form the 2 letter S’s in JESUS’ name.
  • The eagle is from Isaiah 40:31.
  • Can you find a symbol for the Trinity (Matt. 28:19)?
  • The Greek symbols for Alpha & Omega (Rev 1:8) are in green (A Ω) and can be found at the bottom left of the foreground mountain (the one with green grass).
  • The words Jesus is Lord (Phil 2:11) can be found.
  • The 2 fish & 5 loaves that fed the 5,000 (Matt. 14:15-21) are in the black mountain in the background. The 5 loaves are above the 2 fish and appear in the relative size and shape of loaves as they were in the time of Jesus.
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