Archaeologists at San Diego Airport

A number of years ago Karen and I met a couple at the San Diego airport. Both of them were archaeologists on their way home to Baltimore. I talked to the husband while Karen talked to his wife and my mother talked to his young children. I asked him numerous questions about his archaeological excavations and research. He was delighted to share them with me. We talked for over 30 minutes. Then I began to share with him some of the many archaeological discoveries that have validated the truth of the Bible. He acknowledged the amazing accuracy of Biblical accounts and agreed that no archaeological discovery has refuted the Scriptures. He told me about his religious (Episcopalian) background, but also his belief in evolution. I shared with him that although I too had once rejected Christianity, I was challenged to evaluate the evidence. I told him that it would now take more faith for me to believe in evolution than in the Creator revealed in Scripture.

I told him I knew many scientists, doctors, and archaeologists who were convinced by the evidence of science, history, mathematics, archaeology, health, and prophecy that the Bible is God's Word and Jesus Christ is truly the promised Messiah and only way of salvation.

With sincerity in his eyes and voice, he asked me how I came to have such faith. After briefly sharing my testimony I challenged him to evaluate the evidence without bias. I told him that I am certain if he does so, he will come to faith in Jesus Christ. At that point, we were informed by the Delta gate representative that we were all being bumped (till the next day) from our flight and receiving vouchers for future free trips. He and his wife responded with a big smile to my comment as we parted company: "I would say the Lord has blessed us."