Venice Beach Outreach

Venice Beach in Southern California was known as Muscle Beach in the 1960s. It was the place Bill and all his weightlifting buddies dreamed of going when they were teens. While ministering in California, Bill has had the opportunity to visit Venice Beach several times.

Lined along the beach is a seemingly endless array of booths displaying every imaginable philosophy. One area of the beach had fitness equipment and gymnastic apparatuses so Bill began there. In an attempt to get himself acclimated before interacting with the people—and maybe to fulfill a teenage dream—he climbed to the top of a high rope, did a few feats on the gymnastic rings and parallel bars, and punched the speed bag.

As the Apostle Paul did in Athens before reasoning in the marketplace and speaking to the philosophers in the Areopagus, Bill evaluated the environment and mindset at Venice Beach. Now he was ready to interact with the people. Because he set the tone with his physical prowess and took time to listen to those around him, he gained their respect and was able to share his testimony and the gospel with many people.

Senior Health and Fitness Day

During one of Bill’s many ministry trips to California, he spoke to seniors on health and fitness and received the following note:

I wanted to thank you for being part of our National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Your presentation was very well received and I have had numerous comments and compliments about it. I really appreciate your agreeing to speak for us as it connected so perfectly with the theme of the day. 

D. H., California