A Minute of Living Truth

Be blessed and challenged by these Minute of Living Truth messages by Bill or BJ Rudge.

500 Years
A Blink
A Godly Attitude
A New Move
A Pig and a Sheep
Abomination of Desolation
Act in Faith
Acts 13
Acts 14
All Die
Amazing Bible
Amazing Description
An Account
An Explosion
Antichrist Portrait
Antichrist Traits
Archeology Proves
Are We The Generation
Assume Responsibility
At A Distance
Atheism Is False
Baby Diaper
Babylon Portrait
Be Ready
Beast Breath
Beautiful Meadow
Before Revival
Believe or Not
Believers Martyred
Biblical Meditation
Biblical Or Cultural
Bill's Prayer
Bird Food
Can't Silence the Word
Changing Circumstances
Chasing Gods Will
Choose Life
Christ Strengthens Me
Christian Badguys
Close Call
Cloud of Witnesses
Come Lord Jesus
Committed Marine
Consistent Incessant
Convincing a Jew
Correct Motives
Count Dante
Crucifixion Foretold
Cutting Cancer
Dangerous Mentality
Daniel Fasts
David's Heart
Different Europe
Disciplined Abstinence
Divine Wisdom
Dogmatic or Truthful
Don't Become Complacent
Don't Contend
Don't Lie
Don't Lust
Drunk On Blood
Encouraging Difficulties
Encouraging Words
Enemys Distractions
Engaging The Lost
Enough Love
Escape Mentality
Essence of Strength
Every Word
Evil For Good
Examine the Evidence
Extended Mercy
External Appearance
False Prophet
False Prosperity
False Revival
Fasting Benefits
Fasting or a Fit
Fear of Death
Fill Your Mind
First Place
Flee Youthful Lust
For His Names Sake
Forgiveness First
Forgotten Condemned
Four Minute Mile
Four Reasons
Free or Bound
From Him
Fulfilled Prophecies
God is Faithful
God of Love
God Provides the Increase
God Uses Circumstances
God's Goal
God's Mercy
God's Plan
God's Purpose
God's Truth
God's Will
God's Word
Golden Calf
Hard Training
Haunting Seeds
Have a Dream
Have You Suffered?
Heavy Price
Heroes of Faith
Heroes Persecuted
High Treason
His Voice
Humble Servants


Humbled By Fasting
I Can Do All things
If You Believe
In Jesus Name
In Those Days
Insecure or Impressive
Instant Popularity
Internal Onslaught
Israel is Proof
It Is Written
Jesus Died
Jesus Is God
Jesus Tempted
Jesus the Christ
Jews Rejected Jesus
Junky Minds
Keep Commands
Know Jesus
Last Words
Live in Control
Lukewarm Neurosis
Manipulating God
Marked by Christ
Mental Guide
Merchandising The Gospel
Merciful God
Mere Words
Messianic Jews
Messianic Prophecies
Miracle of Flight
Missionary Vision
More Signs
Mystery Babylon
Napal Ministry
Never Forget
Never Give Up
No Doubt
No Liquid
No Middle Ground
No Return
No Television
Not a Formula
Not Anxious
Not Committed
Not Manipulating
Nothing Compares
Nothing N Everything
Obedience Key
Only Two Criteria
Our Job
Out of Context
Overcoming Satan
Parallel Churches
Paul's Conversion
Peace in Jesus
Persecution or Judgement
Persecution Purifies
Peter Transformed
Physical Principle
Playing With Fire
Poor Imitation
Popular Persecution
Potential for Fulfillment
Potential in Christ
Professors Converted
Prophecies Met
Prophesies Fulfilled
Purifying Troubles
Purpose of the Spirit
Quickly Taken
Reasons Why
Rebellious Pride
Refining Suffering
Regarding Wickedness
Required Suffering
Resist Wordly Ways
Resist Wrong Thoughts
Resurrection Power
Revelation 5 Verses 9-10
Revival After Apostasy
Root Causes
Sadam's Translator
Satan's Distractions
Satan's Temptation
Satans Counterfeit
Scripture Offends
Seek First
Seen By Many
Self Control Spreads
Self Worth
Sincerity Minute
Something is Changing
Souls of Beheaded
Spirit Stirred
Stiff Neck
Strength in Control
Strong Deception
Submit or Resist
Subtle Attack
Subtle Decisions
Subtle Witchcraft
Suffer More
Suffer Right
Take Steps
Temple Destroyed
The Abyss
The Brunt
The Cowardly
The Generation
The Greatest Feeling
The Greatest Reward
The Land
The Millennium
The Only Way
The Outpouring
The Person God Uses
The Purpose of Persecution
The Wrong Tomb
Thirsting World
Three Questions
Three Things
Thrown Out
Tidal Wave of Prophecy
Tolerance for Almost All
Totally Trusting
Trapeze Analogy
Tremendous Price
Tribulation Sins
True Strength
Trust Me
Turn It Over
Two Choices
Two Crucial Things
Two Destroyers
Two Paths
Two Things
Two Unities
Undeniable Truth
Under Control
Upon Us Now
Use Me
Very Dirty
Who and Why
Who Can Stand?
Who Is Jesus
Whose Worldview?
Why Not Me?
Why Persecution
Why So Long
William Tyndale
Wisdom and Insight
Word and Spirit
Word Digestion
Worldly Pleasures
Worn Knees
Worth The Effort
You Are Worthy