Prison Ministry

“Jesus said, ‘For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.’ Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You something to drink? And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me’ ” (Matthew 25:35-40).

Wish I Knew You Before Prison

Thank you for sending me your newsletter. I only wish I had gotten to know you before. I can’t send money but I do have you in prayer. 

J. M., United States Penitentiary, Arizona

Faith Through the Fire Touches Inmate

I am incarcerated at the Mercer County Jail. BJ’s book, Faith Through the Fire was great. I remember BJ. I played soccer for Sharon High and also George Junior. I am trying to turn my life around and am a recovering addict to cocaine. I would like more of your books.

L.P., Pennsylvania
California Inmate Inspired By Giants Book

I was born in East Los Angeles. I am 36 years old and serving a hefty sentence. When your book Overcoming the Giants in your Life was first given to me I sort of blew it off because it was all torn and badly beat. Yes, I was judging it by the cover. What’s funny, an ex-skinhead gave it to me with a little note asking me to please not give up! Finally, I started reading your book - awesome! What inspired me is your discipline. It takes discipline to be obedient! Being in prison is hard at times - people mistake the Bible for a weakness much like Paul (1 Timothy 1:15). I appreciate you for crossing my path. I want to be a doer not a sayer. Talk is cheap, let’s lead by following Jesus. Your book has helped me a lot. Please forward a copy to my wife who accepted Jesus as her personal savior. Brother in Christ Jesus I love you, keep strong. 

A. J. E., California
Former Prisoner Has Leadership Position in National Ministry

Bill, Thank you for your ministry and its impact on me. Sitting in a prison in Chino, California  from 1997 - 2000 I read many of your books and newsletters and listened to many of your radio programs. To God be the glory! Only He can change lives.

L. G., Texas
Jail Is A Place Where God Gets Our Attention

Bill, I’m serving a four year sentence. During my incarceration I gave my life over to Christ. Jail is a place where God can deal with certain individuals such as myself who lived as a career criminal. None of the fleeting pleasures of the world brought true happiness, but made me more miserable by the day. God softened my heart towards Him by allowing me to learn the hard way. So my incarceration was actually a blessing in disguise, because this is where God got my undivided attention. I read your book, Beware, Deception & Delusion in the Church, and God used it to open my eyes. It inspired me to evaluate all things in light of Scripture. Also, thank you for your awesome book Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ. It came at perfect timing. Being incarcerated around inmates and correctional officers who have no fear of God, and being separated from my wife and kids is difficult to bear. Your book encouraged me as God spoke in so many ways through it. May God expand your ministry for His glory.

T. M., State Prison
Maximum Potential Book Impacts Inmate

I just finished reading Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ, and am sitting here all watery-eyed because the power of the Holy Spirit convicted me through your book. I have spent over 20 years of my life incarcerated and I am about to be released this December. I have read many Christian books but never, I mean never, have I read a book so powerful. I have never even heard of you, but God knew what I needed. I am a 47 year old black male from Ocean City, New Jersey. I was a good athlete, grew up in an upper middle class family, and graduated from college, but I got caught up in the love of money and put it before God. Again, your book is the most powerful Christian book I have ever read.

K. G., Pennsylvania
Prisoner Touched by Jesus and Giants Books

Wow. I am sitting here in my cell with tears in my eyes again. I write ministries and never hear from them, but God put Bill Rudge on my heart after I read a book by him entitled Reaching Your Maximum Potential. I would like to thank the couple whose love offering to Bill Rudge Ministries enabled them to send me two additional books by Bill, Who Is This Jesus? and Overcoming the Giants in Your Life. These two books had me so caught up in the reading that I missed chow twice. God touched your heart to send me this package of blessing. I never met a ministry that teaches the Word of God uncut like Bill Rudge.

K. G., Pennsylvania
California Man Needs Burmese Translation of Jesus Book

I recently led a young man who is from Burma to the Lord. Sonjeer is such a beautiful example of a man who has his first love daily –– he is out walking with tracts sharing in his broken, almost impossible to understand, English. I would like to give him a copy of your book Who Is This Jesus? in Burmese. I have spent hours showing him that Jesus is the only way to heaven. While he accepts the words I read and speak to him I know if he was able to read your book Who Is This Jesus? in his language it would be so much easier to explain. Thank you and bless your ministry.

M. B., California

Iowa Department of Corrections

Thank you for sending the monthly newsletter you so graciously provide and the wonderful Christmas card. It’s nice to be thought of by people on the outside. I know you do much for many and probably aren’t thanked as often as you should be. God bless you all! 

D. G., Iowa


Books throughout South Carolina Prisons

Brother Bill: I received your March Newsletter today and was encouraged by what I read; your books are being sent from coast to coast here in America. I was aware of the shipment to Columbia, S.C. as I visited there, but what you don’t know is that they are being moved all around South Carolina. I visited a maximum security prison in Bishopville, S.C. and guess what, your books are there also. The inmates transport them when they are moved (Isaiah 55:11) so true. May God bless you, your family and staff as our redemption draws nigh. Yours in Christ

Pastor W. C., Mizpah Baptist Church, South Carolina
Female Prisoner in New Mexico

I am a prisoner at a New Mexico State Penitentiary. A sister in Christ allowed me to use her book, Fasting for Sensitivity and Power. I used it for my very first true fast. What an awesome blessing to understand motives and the phases of my fasting and prayer methods. My friend has since been released. Would you PLEASE bless me with a gift of this little but mighty book. I would be eternally grateful.

T. B., New Mexico
Touched By Reaching Your Maximum Potential Book

I have spent all but 5 months of the past 11 1/2 years in prison. While in prison, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was very sincere and made tremendous changes in my life. I borrowed your book, Reaching Your Maximum Potential In Christ. Reading through I was blessed by its messages. It addressed many of the shortcomings that led to my fall and explained what I must do to overcome, correct, and prevent them. I’m quite impressed with the straightforward, Biblically sound, and sincere approach of your ministry.

You have no idea how much your response means to an individual in my situation. For example, several years ago I had written to approximately ten different churches. I asked for nothing other than some guidance and hoped for a response. How many responded to my letter? ... not a single one! The total rejection was hurtful. So, when I received such a personal and sincere response as the one you shared, it was quite a blessing!

C. A., Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Utah State Prison

Bill Rudge’s books have been passed around among the inmates and it has been brought to my attention to ask for a donation to our chapel-lending library so more of the men may have an opportunity to study your material. This particular unit is also the womens’ prison, so they too have access. We have no funding for such things so they asked that I write your ministry.

The inmates have expressed their thankfulness and have asked that I forward their Christian love to you. Your books have made a great addition to the library. The inmates have a very high opinion of your insight into the Word of God. We welcome any future materials you are able to donate.

All of us express our gratitude and love for your service in the Lord. May God continually bless the efforts of your ministry. We deeply appreciate your help.

Chaplain B. F., Utah State Prison
I Wish I Had Accepted Your Messages

Since this is my second time in jail, I am most likely going to be locked up for a while. Through all I have done, stories unlimited, I have always remembered your family and the love you willingly showed me when I let you. To me you are some of the greatest people ever to enter my life. I wish I had gratefully accepted your messages when I was younger.

J. W., Pennsylvania
Testimony and Maximum Potential Book Having Impact

I am currently in a youth correctional facility in the Chino area. The tape you sent was a blessing. You have such an awesome testimony. I shared it with one of the sergeants and one of the secretaries. They enjoyed it. Also your book, Reaching Your Maximum Potential ... In Christ, was awesome. All the Christians here should read it. I have two copies going around right now. I can see the impact it has on people. You have been a blessing to me and many others here.

L. G., California
Belgian Wants to Translate Who Is This Jesus? Book

I am a citizen of Belgium near the end of a five-year prison term in the United States Federal System. I am scheduled to be released and should return to my country of Belgium. Throughout my five years, your newsletters and various publications were a blessing of tranquility. I want to sincerely thank you for the appropriateness and accuracy of facts and information used to substantiate your conclusions. For your honesty and gift of persuasion, I most graciously thank you. I was so intrigued by your book, Who is This Jesus?, that I now respectfully ask permission to translate it in the Dutch language. God Bless.

N. T., Pennsylvania
Lending Library in Utah Prison

Your books and audio messages have been passed around among the inmates and it has been brought to my attention to ask for a donation to our chapel-lending library so more of the men may have an opportunity to study your material. This particular unit is also the womens’ prison, so they too have access. The inmates have a very high opinion of your insight into the Word of God. We welcome any future materials you are able to donate.

Chaplain B. F., Utah State Prison
Former Muslim in Guyana

I was born a Muslim. In my younger days I never gave the Bible a chance. I was a man without self-control and I ended up on drugs and alcohol. I lost my daughter and son. It was in prison I read the Bible and offered my life to Christ. I became a changed man. Bill, I listened to your message and every word is true. Your message on courage healed me completely. Now I have the “courage to stand alone” and I pray every day. I was left to die in prison and I gave my soul to Christ and I lived.

M. H., Guyana, South America
Federal Prisoner Hears about BRM

A Christian brother gave me your address as a ministry that provides Christian materials to prisoners at no charge. What a great blessing that would be. I will pray for God to increase you and your ministry. All God’s Best, 

D. J., Federal Correctional Institute, Fort Dix, New Jersey
Texas Prison Chaplain Appreciates BRM Books

We received the box of books Bill Rudge Ministries sent for our Chapel Libraries, and we want to express our sincere appreciation for them. As you know, we depend on people like you to help us get the Word of God to our ladies. Your books will be a blessing to the ladies here! Thank you for all you do and may God bless your ministry.

Chaplain Garcia, Texas
California Inmate and Former Gang Member

I am reading your new book Not Our Father’s Faith. Thank you so much. I am a new Catholic Christian –– by only a year. I love studying the Book of Revelation. I also have your book The Last Days. Love it, man. You’re the best. I am 43 years old now –– 30 years were spent in gangs and drugs in Los Angeles County. I was shot three times –– starting from when I was 11 years old. I was raped twice by men, beaten as a kid, in jail and prison five times. I also was a godfather from a gang, worked for the Mafia and hurt people. Now, I am saved by God. I have been in prison eight years with three more to go. I love you brother Bill, keep me in your prayers. God bless you.

R. R., California
San Quentin Inmate Helped by Spiritual Warfare Book

I am 29 and in prison for my first time. I am new to Christ and was saved this year while in San Quentin. I am currently reading your book Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ. It is powerful. I am reading and trying to soak up everything I can. My past consists of a life of drugs and crime. I started drinking and using when I was about 13. It has caused me to lose everything. It also caused a lot of heartache. But I know as long as I stay on my path with Jesus and keep the Lord first, I will have the life I’ve always wanted. I will be able, by the grace of God, to reach people like me and bring them to Christ. If at all possible could you send me some things to help me grow in the Lord. Bless you in Jesus’ name.

C. K., San Quentin, California
Pennsylvania Female Inmate Blessed by “Maximum Potential” Book

I am incarcerated at the Mercer County Jail for DUI charges. God brought me into captivity to bring me back to Him. I was in the library in the spiritual section. I asked God to direct me to a book that was fit for me. So I moved books from the front row and all the way in the back I found a book that popped out Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ. I picked it up and opened it to page 65. The first paragraph was regarding drinking alcohol, which was a big problem for me. I knew that was a sign for me to read that book. As I went to my cell I saw the name Bill Rudge on the cover. I remembered a BJ Rudge, who was a couple of years older than me and I wondered if there was a connection. I opened to the first page and it said Hermitage, Pa. I am halfway done with the book and I love it. I’m like a kid absorbing all the information. I was wondering if you had any other books you could send. It’s a wonderful thing what I’m going through spiritually but jail still is jail and is hard being away from all the people you love. God bless you,

M. L., Mercer County Jail, Pennsylvania
North Carolina Inmates Receive “Maximum Potential” Books

A quick update on the Kairos Prison Ministry in North Carolina: We met last year at the Chapel breakfast in which Bill Rudge was the guest speaker. Bill Wardle from your Board introduced us, and you provided me with copies of Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ. If possible could you supply 50 more copies? Do you have any events in the NC area coming up? I would like to attend.

Chaplain Gus Brown, Kairos Prison Ministry, North Carolina
Student of Columbia International University

I am currently a student of Columbia International University. Following my graduation in August 2011, I will be sent to another institution. I plan to supplement the services of the chaplain’s office by providing a discipleship program. The purpose of my letter is regarding the various books you offer. With your permission, of course, I would like to use your books as a supplemental text to teach various topics. Thank you in advance.

D. C., Kirkland Correctional Institution, Columbia, South Carolina
"Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ" proved to be very useful

The men in the program find your materials to be extremely valuable. Your book Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ proved to be very useful and a great tool. We are out of the supply you sent. We will be happy to receive any and all that you can send. To bring you up to date: Graduation day was a big day and the story was carried by television all around the state –– and to many parts of the nation by newspaper. Thank you.

D. O., Director Columbia International University Prison Initiative, Columbia, South Carolina