Holy Land Adventure 10 - February 18 - 27, 2018

Ten Never To Be Forgotten Days!

Come with us on a trip of a lifetime! We have customized what we believe to be the best tour at the best price – maximizing your time and experiences for a truly life-changing trip. This will be Bill Rudge’s tenth Holy Land Adventure. He has also led mission teams to numerous countries. Each tour has been outstanding and we trust this will be another awesome trip.

You will never be the same! Scripture will come alive as you encounter the people, places, and events of the Bible and walk where Jesus walked. You will gain a deeper understanding of Scripture. (Bible scholars say a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is equal to a year of Bible college.)

You will have the opportunity to hike in the Ein Gedi oasis, roam the tranquil countryside and shores of the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea, go on a nature walk to ancient ruins in Dan, sail in a boat on the Sea of Galilee, float in the Dead Sea, ascend by cable car to magnificent Masada, see our Lord Jesus’ birth place and explore some of the caves where it may have actually occurred, be baptized in the Jordan, walk the vibrant markets and streets of Jerusalem, share Christ’s love with Jews and Palestinians, discover the most recent plans to rebuild the Temple, have communion near the empty tomb, enter the Garden Tomb, stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus is coming back one day, and many other sites and adventures.

It will be a spiritual pilgrimage, an exciting adventure, a fruitful mission and so much more! We will visit sites and have adventures rarely visited or experienced by tourists. We will also bless Russian Immigrant Jews, Palestinians and Christians with clothes, supplies and some of our books and CDs. We will meet with Ariel and Orli, former BRM staff now living in Israel and have a special meeting with Moshe Shamir, a Holocaust survivor. We will also attend a Messianic service in Jerusalem as Bill speaks to a congregation of predominantly Russian Jews.

At the end of this tour two things will most certainly be
changed, you, and your understanding of the Bible.

Ask a friend to join you on this life-changing journey. We would love to have you join us on this Holy Land Adventure!


Comments from Bill and Karen’s Previous Holy Land Adventures

  • Wow! What a life-changing experience we all had! Dean
  • The trip was exceptional. The food and accommodations were wonderful. Dan
  • What an experience! We loved traveling with you. Teenie and Arthur
  • We surely enjoyed our adventure with you. Thanks for all that you did to make this adventure so enjoyable. John and Dorothy
  • Thank you so much for hosting your pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It certainly was an experience of a lifetime. Lois
  • Our Israel trip went so well and perfect that I never had any intentions of going back, just for the simple fact that any future trips would pale in comparison. However, when I get married I plan on going back so I can share that incredible experience with my wife. Corbett
  • We want to thank you for all of your hard work in planning and executing the Israel trip... such a wonderful job. Thank you for making everyone feel a part of the group. Doug, Rebbie & Josiah
  • This was a fabulous trip all the way around. Sheree
  • Just wanted to thank you for bringing that wonderful group to our home. We really enjoyed their visit and you are welcome back anytime. Ariel (former BRM staff now living in Ashkelon, Israel)
  • Dear Bill and Karen, Our people were blessed and so thankful for your message; so many good words about your visit. You truly blessed our fellowship! In Yeshua’s love, Bradley, pastor of For Zion’s Sake Messianic Congregation, Jerusalem

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Holy Land Adventure from Bill Rudge on Vimeo.


Holy Land Adventure Brochure

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