Adventures in Missions

Bill Rudge has led dozens of mission trips into remote and often extremely dangerous areas of the world to minister at conventions, conferences, churches, schools, leper colonies, hospitals and villages. He has taken many adults and young people on these mission trips in the U.S. and to more than 25 countries where they assisted him while learning different aspects of ministry. These people have returned to their local churches to share some incredible experiences of what God did. Some of them have coordinated their own mission trips and taken other people from their local congregation with them to multiply our missionary efforts.

The Prayer of a Haitian Woman

Top picture shows our mission team with Haitians forming a large circle to pray in a remote village of Haiti.

About a hundred people were gathered outside a witch doctor’s hut in Haiti in a voodoo village. The mission team formed a large circle and were about to pray when one woman became very agitated.“You didn’t bring us food and clothing!” she cried out in Creole. Having nothing left since the team had already given away the food and clothes, Bill Rudge responded through an interpreter, “If I give you food today, tomorrow you will be hungry again. If I give you clothes today, in a few months they will wear out and be tattered and torn. But what I came to give you today will last forever. I offer you spiritual food that will satisfy you now and for all eternity.” She nodded to acknowledge that what he said was good.

During the prayer, Bill glanced to see if this woman was participating. Her head was bowed and her eyes were closed. The thirst of her heart was greater than her need for food and clothes.

Giving water to someone who is thirsty is admirable, but unless the life-quenching water of Jesus Christ is offered, we deprive them of their most crucial need. If we give a bottle of water or food or clothes to someone in need, we should do so in Jesus’ name. While we should care about people’s material and physical well being, we should be even more concerned about the condition of their soul.

Leper Colony and Hospital

Several pictures at right show ministry at a leper hospital in India.