Dr. BJ Rudge

BJ’s focus is on apologetics and evidence for the Bible and Jesus Christ as he deals with the accuracy and reliability of Scripture, the truth and uniqueness of Christianity, evidence for the resurrection, and contemporary issues. His emphasis is also on end-time prophecy, total commitment to Jesus Christ, and the importance of studying Scripture and prayer.

Some of the Topics BJ Speaks On:

  • Apologetics – Evidence for Faith 
  • Being a Man of God 
  • Biblical Discernment 
  • Defending the Faith in a Non-Christian World 
  • Deity of Jesus Christ 
  • Evidence for the Resurrection 
  • Faith through the Fire – BJ’s Personal Testimony 
  • Idolatry 
  • Keeping Your Passion for Jesus Christ Alive 
  • Living Out A Biblical Worldview 
  • Marks of a True Christian 
  • Natural versus Revealed Theology 
  • Placing Your Life in the Center of God’s Will 
  • Powerful and Effective Prayer 
  • Problem of Evil 
  • Quest for the Historical Jesus 
  • Reliability of the Bible 
  • Revelation and the End Times 
  • Salt and Light 
  • The Nativity 
  • Uniqueness of Christianity 
  • Was Jesus Married?