Greater Health Through Biblical Principles

by Bill Rudge

A healthy lifestyle can be developed by maintaining proper exercise and nutrition, keeping a positive mental attitude, and cultivating peace and joy (in spite of circumstances) through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Conquering daily fears and stress, as well as following the Creator’s example and instruction of taking one day off a week to rest and rejuvenate, are crucial. Neglecting any of these is a sure path to physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion.

From personal experience and studying the topics of health and fitness for many years, I am convinced that Scripture contains superior principles for obtaining maximal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The Bible reveals the ultimate way to gain health in this life as well as the next.

Each person can achieve optimum health by taking whatever your unique situation and limitations are and seeking, by faith and adherence to God’s principles, to improve whatever you can. Some may have irreversible injuries or genetic disabilities to deal with. We can still choose to trust and honor God and seek as far as possible to implement His biblical health principles.