Boy Scouts Do Their Best

by Darlinda McDonald

The Boy Scout motto begins with “On my honor, I will do my best…” and that is just what Boy Scout Troop 45 from Sharpsville, PA did at the Bill Rudge Ministries Ultimate Obstacle Course this week.

They began their evening with a salute to the flag before Bill Rudge led them through the multi-faceted course.  Troop Leaders and others aided the scouts as they faced a variety of physical challenges. The scouts did their very best as they tested their arm strength on the monkey bars, discovered their agility jumping and running through the tires, found their balance on the balance beam, and were challenged with different exercises on the stumps and logs. They worked as a team when they helped each other scale the wall and joined together in the fun “chariot race.”

Before heading to the campfire to enjoy some hotdogs, the scouts sat in a circle attentively as Bill talked with them about how the skills they used on the obstacle course, such as diligence and determination, could be used in their life.