Awesome Trip to Israel

Bill and Karen Rudge just returned from hosting their tenth Holy Land Adventure. It truly was an inspiring pilgrimage, exciting adventure and fruit-bearing mission for a team of 14 people from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Oregon. The weather was wonderful for February and everything went very well.

We visited and explored sites throughout Israel confirming the veracity and historical accuracy of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. Bill spoke in Jerusalem to a loving congregation of Russian Jews and messianic believers. He has spoken many times in Jerusalem, as well as ministering in other Middle Eastern countries – always a great blessing.

The team met with two former BRM staff, Ron and Gigi Banjak (now living in Israel), and heard Moisha Shamir’s incredible account of how he survived the Holocaust. Clothes were donated to Ron and Gigi for Ethiopian immigrants.

Clothes, supplies and BRM books were given to a Pastor in Bethlehem for distribution to Arab Christians and Palestinians. Clothes and supplies were also given to the Russian immigrants and bedouins. 

The team went to Israel at a most exciting time – Israel’s 70th year anniversary as a nation and the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as its capital.

It was an amazing trip and we plan to share photos in upcoming blogs and newsletters. Many lives were touched, blessed and encouraged and the team returned safely with many wonderful experiences and accounts of God’s faithfulness and blessing.