All I Want For Christmas

by Bill Rudge

The main lyric of a popular Christmas song is: “All I want for Christmas is you.” That needs to be slightly modified to: “All I need for Christmas is Jesus.”

With my eleven grandchildren last year I attended a Christmas parade, and Lucas, my nine year old grandson, was wrapped up in a blanket next to me keeping warm. Among the variety of floats, a large truck rounded the corner carrying a nativity scene of live people. Lucas spontaneously said out loud, “Now that’s the real meaning of Christmas.” I replied, “You are so right. Without Jesus, there is no Christmas.”

Following Christmas festivities a week later, I asked my five-year-old granddaughter, Reghan, “What is the most important part of Christmas?” She smiled and replied, “Jesus.” I said, “You are absolutely correct. Jesus is more important than anything else we do during Christmas time.”

The Christmas season, for many, is one of the most wonderful times of the year: spending time with loved ones, exchanging gifts, sharing kindness and making memories. But let’s remember the hallmark of the Christmas season – Jesus Christ.