Financial Facts

Financial Facts About BRM - A Matter of Integrity

Bill Rudge Ministries (BRM) is a 501(c)(3) religious and educational non-profit organization with 41 years of credibility, integrity, and maximizing funds. Receipts are sent for all monetary donations (unless requested otherwise).

BRM began in 1977 with nothing. During the early years Bill worked a secular job to provide for the needs of his family and to pay many of the ministry expenses.

The ministry’s total income for 2017 was $163,463. Many thousands of dollars worth of equipment, supplies, and services were also donated.

Bill’s gross 2017 income was $32,766 (plus minimal insurance benefits). In 2017 Karen was a full-time volunteer; she received $6,672 from Social Security. They have no other source of income.

Bill opted out of Social Security many years ago. He also gave away most of his life savings. Bill and Karen plan on serving in ministry until the day the Lord returns or they go home to be with Him.

Bill and Karen do not personally own a house but live in a parsonage owned by the ministry. Also, they do not personally own a vehicle. The ministry owns a 2014 Dodge Journey which Bill uses for ministry-related purposes. When used for personal matters, mileage is recorded, and Bill pays taxes on that usage.

Virtually no interest has been paid during the ministry’s 41 years of existence. Also, Bill and Karen personally do not purchase anything for which they must pay interest.

Bill and BJ do not charge for speaking engagements, however, a love offering or honorarium is often provided. Monies received from these engagements are used to further our mission.

Bill’s and BJ’s books and CDs are free of charge. Any donations for them go to the ministry as they receive no personal royalties.

BRM is not a church but a mission, so we do not have a congregation to provide a love offering when we have a special project or need. Our only source of income is our ministry friends and supporters, who receive our monthly newsletter.

BRM does not do fund raising projects, so all our time can be used directly in ministry. Nor do we receive grants of money from government sources. We exist from month to month on the financial gifts contributed by God’s people.

While most of the staff are volunteers, those who are employed by the ministry also donate much of their time or raise part of their support. BRM staff serve obviously not for financial gain, but because they are convinced this is where the Lord has led them.

Further information concerning the ministry’s or Bill and Karen’s personal finances may be obtained by contacting BRM. Our Form 990 is open for public inspection.

Truly Amazing

It is amazing that on an annual budget of only $163,463 we funded three full-time and five part-time staff, utilized dozens of volunteers for various projects, covered the expenses of the ministry facilities, funded the production and distribution of books, E-books, audio books, CDs, DVDs, newsletters, radio broadcasts, a web site, and various other aspects of this ministry as well as sponsored outreaches in the U.S. and abroad.

It is incredible how year after year the Lord not only keeps us going –– but also growing. Just like the jar of oil and the five loaves and two fish, the Lord multiplies our finances and maximizes our ministry.

One of the reasons the Lord has blessed us with so many supporters who have stood with us throughout the years is because of our high standards of integrity concerning ministry operations.

Our Promise To You

We appreciate your trust in the Bill Rudge Ministries and respect your privacy. It is our policy not to lend or sell names on our mailing lists and to maintain tight security on all financial records.

We attempt to be wise and faithful stewards of the resources entrusted into our care and to maximize them to advance His Kingdom. We will always strive to operate this ministry as the Lord leads and with the utmost integrity.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the following whose faithful service has helped us maintain strict integrity regarding finances.

Daily financial records are processed by Lois Greathouse and Karen Rudge. Receipts are sent out quarterly as well as a year-end statement for tax purposes.

Eilene Urmson (Board treasurer) submits a monthly financial report approved by the Board of Directors.

Jeff Bryan (accountant) does the quarterly tax reports and Beverly Morrison (CPA) completes the yearly review and annual financial report.

Also, a special thanks to everyone who supports this ministry. May every sacrificial dollar you give be richly rewarded when you receive your eternal inheritance from the Lord.

Ways You Can Help

  • Prayer
  • Monthly financial support
  • Special love offerings
  • In-Memory and In-Honor gifts
  • Support from your business
  • Include us in your church mission’s budget
  • Sponsor radio broadcasts, school assemblies, or world outreach packages
  • Include BRM in your will
  • Donate vehicle, house, land, or building
  • Volunteer your time or services
  • Provide a matching grant
  • Ask the Lord for creative ideas